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Why should I take your photos?

Having been to enough weddings I've seen too many pushy, over the top photographers.  My goal is to become just "part of the crowd" and let you enjoy your day, while the photos are still being taken.  Of course, if need be, I can direct a wedding party with the best of them.  So, we'll get the shots you want, but do it without that stress and leave you with photos you'll love.

I've been taking photos since first stealing my Dad's old Minolta at the age of 12 and, over the past 20+ years, I've shot all over the world.  From the USSR (yes, 1991) to Japan, India and lots of places in between.  Always shooting with an open eye and a "let's see where this takes us" mindset.

By applying that same way of thinking to weddings results in memorable shots.  Most photographers have similar technical skills and we all use the same gear, I believe what sets me apart is the ability to blend into the background.  When people forget I'm there, they act real and genuine and that results in the best photos.

When I'm not taking photos, I enjoy spending time with my wife, son and two pugs, Josie and Jake.